“C’mon let’s bunk our tuitions”,she said
“No way,if my mom gets to know then…”,he said
“Why are you so scared of your mother ? and it’s a thing of future if we get caught”
” I am not scared,it’s just..”
Sometimes we are not scared to do something,but we are scared of the consequences of our deeds, which may sometimes change our lives forever or leaves us scarred for life.
People sometimes say us to live the moment, but can we live the moment without worrying about the future ?
Only few people can, because alomost everyone tends to think about the future.
Parents think about their child’s future.
Teenagers think about getting into Colleges,IITs,getting Jobs.
Everyone thinks about the future.
But the fact is Future doesn’t matter but what matters is our deeds.
It’s that how we spend the present determines our future and we never know what the future holds.

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