Just some Random Thoughts #1

“Forget him, he loves someone else”
“But I told him to wait”
“He survived the wait, unfortunately his love didn’t ”

Sometimes we love someone with all our might that we lose our self respect in the process.
We keep on loving, keep on hoping that someday it would click, it would work out but we fail.
If it fails then God sends someone who is worth your time your wait and that someone gives you all that love you desired till now.
But sometimes we fail to return the love of that someone because our hearts tends to return to the person who does not values it .
So, We should always keep the person who loves you with all their might, we should never let them go, may be we may not get another one like that.

”Hold on to them even if the whole world is against you because it is them who will give you the strength to fight the world ”

We should never put them in a situation where they question their own love.


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